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We are a Smart accelerator

Transforming global energy services

through distributed Natural Grids


the What

"Energy is the master resource"

Julian Simon (economist)

IslandPower works with communities, technology and finance to accelerate a smart transition to affordable, renewable energy.

the What?
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the Where

IslandPower accelerates transitions to Zero Carbon energy services ranging from building clusters  via industrial and housing estates to Islands. Starting small, we identify and procure finance and technology best suited to mobilising local renewable, natural energy resources to maximise energy savings.

the Where?
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The Why

the Why

It's simple. Transition to a zero carbon economy requires everyone to join in to the common purpose of energy independence.

Smart acceleration enables equitable access to genuinely affordable renewable energy which literally empower communities, enabling them to develop and grow sustainably.

Empowering communities accelerates economic, social and environmental change through collaboration with investors and development service providers.  

IslandPower addresses all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as Environmental, Social Governance objectives by providing dynamic,  community-led developments. 

Whether you are a Climate Change believer, denier or agnostic it is self evident that returns from smart savings in energy services will multiply as the cost of finite fuels increases. 

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...& the How.

...the model.

IslandPower has designed innovative legal and financial tools to enable communities to rapidly upgrade their existing energy infrastructure or install a new grid. We identify existing energy use and naturally available resources and introduce physical and financial solutions to deliver low cost Zero Carbon outcomes.

The How
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